Drug Enforcement

Improve the efficiency of law enforcement to successfully address the drug problem by implementing a plan that involves early identification, prevention and deterrence.

Due to the overwhelming drug problem in our county, it is important to improve the efficiency of law enforcement to successfully address the drug problem by implementing a multi-faceted fiscally responsible plan.  

Educating the community on drug abuse identification and providing access to the appropriate resources is imperative to minimizing drug abuse and addiction in the community.

"Some people say that you cannot arrest your way out of this situation, but I will argue that they are only partially correct.  Deterrence is prevention. Some people need to be removed from the community because of the dangers they present, while others should be given the opportunity for treatment."

School Safety

Ensuring the safety of our children is of the upmost importance.  By working more closely with the school districts and educating the community, we can reduce vulnerabilities and improve preparedness.

Children are the future.

Kevin is a certified instructor for teaching Civilian Response to Active Shooter situations.  He believes that educating the public is critical to the safety of our children.

Community Involvement

Promoting officer involvement in local groups and citizen involvement within the Sheriff’s Office promotes greater transparency within the agency. 


Fiscal Responsibility

Accomplishing goals with balanced objectives provides financial success while maintaining the integrity and focus of the Department.

Drug abuse is costly on society.  One estimate stated that the drug problem in Trempealeau County is currently costing taxpayers almost $2800/year per household.

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