Kevin Deeren

A highly experienced candidate, with strong local roots, that will bring innovative solutions to the county

For over twelve years, Kevin Deeren was a police officer in the City of Chicago working in crime and drug filled neighborhoods.  In 2015, the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from Kevin, who was interested in bringing his training and experience to Trempealeau County.  

“About six years ago, I started working for the family farm during the spring and fall.” Kevin’s grandfather, Gordon Deeren owns and operates the family farm located in Galesville originally established in the late 1800’s. “I would take my vacations up here to plant and haul corn and I noticed there was a major drug problem in the county. I made it my mission to eventually move my family back to help fight this problem.”

After interning for Dane County and being exposed to undercover narcotics enforcement, he was hired by the Chicago Police Department in 2003. 

“I spent most of my career on a mission-oriented gang and tactical team that focused on the problems within the community, mostly addressing drugs, robberies and violent crimes.  I gained a lot of experience working with diverse populations and understanding the problems that each community endured.”

Although humble about his accomplishments, Kevin received over eighty awards for his courage and bravery“I was surrounded by fantastic people and wouldn’t have been able to accomplish those things without my teammates.”  Being a team player is not foreign to Kevin, who has a long history of competitive curling. At one point, he was named to an all-star team at a World Championship event and competed in the 2009 Olympic Team Trials.

Trempealeau County hired Kevin in 2015 and he was quickly promoted to supervisory staff. 

“I am very thankful for the opportunity to help the community. Law enforcement has been under such tough scrutiny the last few years.  My understanding of civil liability and policy has allowed the Sheriff’s Office to strengthen itself from within.”

Kevin's experience and education set him apart from the other candidates

After attending grade school within the G-E-T school district, he graduated from Waunakee High School outside of Madison, Wisconsin.  He was then accepted into UW-Madison and graduated with a Psychology and Criminal Justice Degree.  To pay for school, Kevin worked as a supervisor for a construction company and a resident counselor for delinquent youth.  “After the September 11th terrorist attacks, I applied to the Chicago and New York City Police Departments.  Decided on Chicago because it was closer to home.

While working for the Chicago Police Department, he received a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Administration through Lewis University.  “I used this opportunity to educate myself on small town policing and the different strategies and the effects of drug abuse in rural communities.”  Most notably, he created a training module for new officers to help them become more effective, efficient, and safe.

Many of these strategies have been applied within the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office.  As a Sergeant for the Sheriff’s Office, Kevin focused on improving the department’s effectiveness and officer accountability by advising and requesting changes in department policy and training.

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